Life during the pandemic can be challenging, and negative emotions are unavoidable. From time to time, we need to let out these emotions, but saying out loud can raise multiple concerns. The need for a secure and private space to dispose of negative energy becomes apparent, and Lit is the solution I would like to present.

Time and Duration

Spring 2021

2 months


Jingxuan Yu

Mingxiao Hu

Personal Contribution

Product Roadmap

​Preliminary Research


Interactive Prototyping

​Motion Design

​Usability Testing



Mental health challenges - already a big topic for Generation Z prior to coronavirus - are being amplified by the crisis. This cohort of students and young professionals are under immense pressure to excel academically or at work spaces, but also dealing with uncertainties and obstacles in their lives.

However, in our survey toward 24 participants from Generation Z, only 19% reported that they always seek help when mental challenges or negative emotions hit. Main reasons include:


  1. Not knowing who to reach out to or people are not always available.

  2. Not knowing how to explain the experience or describe the feelings.

  3. Not wanting to concern or burden other people, especially parents.

  4. Not wanting to spend extra time and money in professional therapy.

  5. Not wanting to receive unreasonable critiques from strangers on social networks.

“It's a little embarrassing to ask for help when my experiences are not extreme enough, and I'd rather not burden people around me.”

Anonymous Junior Year Student

Cornell University

From additional literature review, I discovered that disposing of negative emotions not necessarily requires interpersonal communication. A digital solution that is secure and always available can be an alternative solution.


Problem Statement

​How might we create a private and secure environment that is always available and allowing people to let out their negative emotions freely?

Product Concept